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We will delivery your dumpster on the day you booked. No one is needed on site for delivery. We just ask that you leave us enough room for us to drop your roll-off dumpster. We also pick-up the dumpster on the last day of your rental period. If you would like it picked-up earlier just give us a call!

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I, the undersigned (hereinafter referred to as “Lessee”), have requested to rent a dumpster offered by G.I. Haul® Dumpster Rentals (hereinafter referred to as “G.I. Haul®”), and in consideration of being permitted to rent a dumpster, for any purpose, I, on behalf of myself, my personal representative, heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns, hereby agree and acknowledge as follows: I AGREE AND UNDERSTAND THAT:


RENTAL In consideration of the Agreement herein, G.I. Haul® does lease to the Lessee a certain dumpster or container from G.I. Haul® on the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement and to pay to G.I. Haul® at the rate stated. There will be no refunds in the event of an early return. (a) Term. The rental period shall be for 7 days (minus weekend special rentals). (b) Cost. Lessee agrees to pay the previous agreed upon price with G.I. Haul® for the standard 12 Yard Dumpster, 15 Yard Dumpster, or the “Weekend Special.” (c) Per Diem. If Lessee keeps the container longer than the above-stated term, the cost shall be $30 per day, due within 30 days of the container return. (d) Late Fees. Any unpaid balance after 30 days, will accrue interest at the rate of 10% from the date of the return until paid in full. There will be a minimum of a $50 late fee


Lessee agrees to provide G.I. Haul with a credit card on file for the duration of the lease period, which said credit card shall serve as security for, and may be applied against, any damage or charges that may be due to G.I. Haul® as provided herein. G.I. Haul’s® application of any portion of this damage deposit towards damages or charges shall not be G.I. Haul’s® exclusive remedy for damages, charges or other monies that may be due to G.I. Haul® under this Agreement. Lessee specifically authorizes G.I. Haul® to charge Lessee’s credit card to cover any damages or charges. LIMITATIONS

Lessee understands and agrees to the following limitations: (a) Excluded Materials. Lessee understands and agrees that we cannot accept the following items to be disposed of in the dumpster: i. Hazardous Waste ii. Paint iii. Asbestos iv. Liquid Chemicals v. Toxic Materials vi. Oil vii. Radioactive Material (b) Special Materials. Lessee further understands and agrees that any of the following items are considered special materials and will require an additional fee. Lessee is required to notify G.I. Haul® of the disposal of these items in advance and may not be placed in the dumpster. i. Tires ($10.00 each) ii. Propane Tanks ($10.00 each) iii. Car/Equipment Batteries ($10.00 each) iv. Large Appliances (requires separate pick up, quote provided upon scheduling) v. E-Waste, Televisions, Computers (requires separate pick up, quote provided upon scheduling) (c) Yard Waste and Concrete. Yard Waste (dirt, tree limbs/logs, leaves, rocks, or any other material naturally occurring outdoors) and Concrete shall not be mixed with household, yard, or construction material waste. Yard Waste is required to be in a separate Container. Concrete may not be mixed with dirt or other Yard Waste and the Container shall not be filled more than one-half (1/2) full. In the event Lessee breaches this provision, Lessee shall be liable for any and all fines, surcharges, etc. that may be charged against G.I. Haul®. (d) Weight and Height. The amount of debris is limited to 1.0 tons for the 12 Yard dumpster and 1.5 tons for a 15 Yard dumpster. The “Weekend Special” consists of a 12 yard dumpster and includes 1.0 tons. Each ton over these limits is charged at $85.00 per ton over the weight limit. Lessee agrees not to fill the container higher than the top of its sides and in such a manner as to prevent spillage of material from the container either while stationary or in transit. (e) Access and Ground Conditions. i. The Lessee will be responsible for the provision of free and suitable access to and from the delivery site (including the removal and reinstatement of local obstructions) and for ensuring suitable ground conditions for the delivery, placement and removal of the dumpster. No responsibility will be accepted for the damage to any surface and you should therefore take steps to protect surfaces. ii. Repairs of Damage to Structures Other Than Container. Should the container cause damage to the concrete, asphalt, or any other surface during loading or unloading, G.I. Haul® is only responsible if this is due to our negligence. Lessee has been notified that heavy containers may cause damage and that determining the placement of these heavy containers is the Lessee’s responsibility. Lessee should choose a suitable placement to minimize the sites exposure to this type of damage. iii. Should the Customer fail to return the Container, G.I. Haul® maintains the right to enter upon the premises where the container may be , without notice, and take possession of and remove it at the Lessee’s expense, all without legal process, the Lessee hereby waiving any claims for damages from any such entry, taking or removal. iv. Lessee agrees not to move the Container once the Container is delivered. This includes the use of heavy machinery or vehicles to move the Container. Lessee is responsible for any damages to Container or other property in the event Lessee breaches this provision. (f) Damages to Container Lessee is responsible for any damages to the container other than normal wear and tear while the container is in the Lessee’s possession. (g) Fire. Lessee agrees not to light fires in the container, or to place flammable materials in the Container. (h) Refusal of Contents. In the event the contents of the container are refused by the prospective disposal facility, Lessee shall be responsible for all costs, fines, penalties, or other actions taken for said disposal, and any other charges associated with unauthorized material disposal. (i) Permits and Ordinances. Lessee is responsible for obtaining any and all permits required by City, County, State, and/or Federal laws. Lessee is responsible for obtaining the proper permission from any Homeowner’s Association, or other restrictive body in accordance with the use of the container. (j) Filling the Container. Lessee agrees that Lessee will only load the Container by hand. Lessee understands that the use of machinery or heavy equipment to fill the Container is prohibited. Lessee agrees that Lessee will not fill the Container beyond the fill line (the top edge of the dumpster). Lessee understands and agrees that if Lessee breaches this provision, Lessee shall be responsible for an additional $150.00 fee paid to G.I. Haul®. Any items above the fill line will be removed and left on-site and will be the responsibility of Lessee.


Lessee agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless, G.I. Haul®, from and against any and all liability which G.I. Haul® may be responsible for or payout as a result of bodily injuries (including death), property damage, or any violation or alleged violation of law to the extent caused by Lessees’ breach of this Agreement or by any negligent act, negligent omission or willful misconduct of the Lessee or its employees, agents or contractors in the performance of this Agreement or Lessee’s use, operation or possession of any equipment furnished by G.I. Haul®. G.I. Haul® shall not be liable to Lessee for consequential, incidental or punitive damages arising out of the performance of this Agreement. This indemnification begins upon delivery of the container, while in the Lessee’s possession, and through the time the contents are disposed of and/or processed.


By typing your name when requested on the online form, you acknowledge and agree that this agreement may be executed by an electronic signature, which shall be considered as an original signature for all purposes and shall have the same force and effect as an original signature. Without limitation, “electronic signature” shall include faxed versions of an original signature or electronically scanned and transmitted versions (e.g., via pdf) of an original signature