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When you decide to rent a dumpster from GI Haul you will notice in the rental form that we ask for
specific instructions upon delivery. By providing as much detail as possible the customer is ensuring their
dumpster will be located precisely where they had envisioned it. This detail also removes the possibility
of the driver mistakenly putting it in the wrong location. Deciding the exact position of your dumpster
can be challenging and often times customers have limitations they must work around. Below is a list of
things to consider before you submit your dumpster rental agreement.


Our dumpsters have double doors that swing open to either side where they then latch to the outer wall
of the dumpster. This design provides maximum working space around the dumpster without having
one massive door that is hard to maneuver. Door accessibility is very important for our customers that
are disposing of objects that are too heavy to lift over the walls of the dumpster. If you are planning on
utilizing the doors make sure to provide four feet of space that will allow the doors to open. You should
also think about which way the doors are facing. If you will be bringing all of the disposal from one
direction be sure to have the doors facing that way.

Obstructing Roadways:
Many of our customers do not have the luxury of a driveway or large yard. Therefore, they often want
their dumpster rental on the street or alleyway adjacent to the property. Typically, this works out great
but some measures can be taken before the dumpster arrives to ensure a great experience. One step we
recommend taking is to check with your neighbors to ensure the dumpster will not be blocking access to
any part of their property. We would also recommend taking a measurement of the space. For example,
if you want the dumpster placed in the alleyway behind your property; take a measurement of the road
to ensure traffic can flow around the dumpster for the duration of the rental period. Rest assured if any
issues do arise give us a call and we will relocate your dumpster at a moment’s notice.

Yard Placement:

Often times customers want their dumpster placed close to a window or the roof if they are renovating
a home. That usually means in their yard. Yard placements can become tricky especially during the
winter and spring seasons when the ground is saturated. The biggest thing to remember is that the
dumpster is heavy and becomes much heavier as it is being filled. If you are worried about your grass try
to schedule the dumpster to be delivered on a day with mild weather. We understand Pittsburgh can
have unpredictable weather patterns and we will be flexible to meet your needs. Our main objective is
to ensure we leave your property exactly the way we found it (with a little less clutter).

Local Code:
Check with your local municipality on permit requirements for your dumpster rental. Even if the
dumpster is going to be placed on your driveway or property some municipalities still require a permit.
Often times a simple google search of your town or township with the phrase “dumpster permit” will
lead you to the webpage and contacts. If you live within the city limits you can visit the Pittsburgh Permit Site 

for more information.


Please feel free to contact us if this blog post created more questions than answers or if you are
interested in our services. We love answering any questions and receiving feedback that can make our
services even better

Perfect amount of room for the doors to open

Level Surface 

Compact dumpster design to fit into tight spaces

No overhead obstacles for safe placement of the dumpster